“I need a six month vacation, twice a year.”

DISAYA launches DISAYA Vacationist  resort line , tempers the combination of free-spirited nomadic with several local crafts lead to the VISA exploring the world in new norm yet stylishly in your own way.

DISAYA Vacationist is a sense of new Gen lifestyle, simply perfect for 24/7 from morning wandering to easy-night out and share some of trendy life shots on social media Throughout, collection fulfills the meaning of “vacation”, which is not only for vacationing but also a taste of lifestyle.

“Vacation is no longer for vacationing. We’re all more than ready to free to explore the world, wandering to new destination with your favourite pieces, preparing for some snaps to break the internet.” Disaya Aom Sorakraikitikul , DISAYA Creative Director.

Not only inspired by local crafts, there’s also an idea of local souvenir shop reflects in DISAYA Vacationist, with uniqueness of each piece made it even more fun and precious to find the right piece for you.

“One of the highlight when on vacation is souvenir shopping and you have to grab it before your friends take it” Disaya said. “The glamour of each piece is its own uniqueness and when you found that right one, you just have to grab it before it’s gone.”